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Natali Engineering was formed in 1999, the company started its activity to contribute country’s growing economy in terms of technical and mechanical services. The company started with 15 people doing HVAC installation plumbing and fire fighting.

The commitment and dedication of the company to meet the clients demand gives a way to open a mechanical and technical division after two years of getting our services. With the help of almighty God and the dedication of our people the company gradually increased its revenues and the number of technical skilled now numbering to forty engaged mainly in design, mechanical works and maintenance works.

The main objectives of Natali engineering is procure contractors for all type of works as mentioned with a commitment to quality cost efficiency and highest standard for the satisfaction of our clients.

Natali engineering has sought the cooperation of several leading international companies with the main of offering a wide development and growth of the economy of Qatar.

At present Natali Engineering is undertaking various projects kingdom wide majority of which are luxury villas and apartments objectively focusing in the betterment of environment and up-liftmen of standard of living.

We provide values for money and offer the most competitive prices available.

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